Vebe Time Test

The required Vebe Time Test value may be entered in the ‘Vebe time’ field on a Mix Design Form.

The Vebe time test is a more scientific test for workability than the Slump Test, in that it measures the work needed to compact the concrete. The freshly mixed concrete is packed into a similar cone to that used for the slump test. The cone stands within a special container on a platform, which is vibrated at a standard rate, after the cone has been lifted off the concrete. The time taken for the concrete to be compacted is measured. Vebe times range from 1 second for runny concrete to more than 12 seconds for stiff concrete. Unlike the slump test, the Vebe time test gives useful results for stiff concretes.

The levels of workability defined in the DOE Method give both Slump values and Vebe times for each level, and these values are used in Firstmix for converting between Slump values and Vebe times.

  • See Method of Specifying Workability for selecting to use the Slump or Vebe tests
  • Range: 0 - 20 seconds.