Coarse Aggregate Type

The Coarse Aggregate Type may be specified with the Coarse Aggregate Type Drop List on the Mix Design Form. It may be either crushed or uncrushed.

The DOE method , used by Firstmix, assumes that for concrete mix design aggregates can be classified into just two types, crushed and uncrushed. Uncrushed aggregates are usually smoother than crushed aggregates and in comparison with concrete made with uncrushed coarse aggregate, concrete containing crushed coarse aggregate will generally have superior strength and inferior workability, although the coarse aggregate has considerably less influence on the workability than the fine aggregate.

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  • See Workability and Aggregate Type.
  • In order to extend the applicability of the DOE method, Firstmix allows the user to specify the angularity of an aggregate, an angularity of 0% corresponding to uncrushed aggregate and an angularity of 100% corresponding to crushed aggregate.

    An angularity of 25% might be specified for a somewhat angular uncrushed aggregate or an angularity of 75% might be specified for a relatively smooth crushed aggregate.

    Options: Crushed or Uncrushed

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